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A Message from Jani Montrevil (Jean’s wife)

January 14, 2010

January 14, 2010

Good Morning,

I would like to thank God and all of you for all of your love and support. As I watch and hear the news of the horrific earthquake that happened in Haiti, I am so grateful that Jean was not there. I would have been a widow and my children would have been orphaned by the loss of their dad. The jail that he would have been placed in is gone. You can only imagine the heaviness in my heart. I’m sad that thousands of lives and homes were lost. I always had faith that God would make a way for my family and so many others to reunite.

Immigrant rights leader, Jean Montrevil

I hope Congress and Obama take a serious look at this wake up call for immigration reform. We in the U.S are blessed with so much. The government should be willing to share at all times, not just in time of tragedy. It hurts me to know that human beings lost their lives and in such a horrible way. Even though Jean is not free, why do I feel people had to die for him to gain his freedom? I had no idea Haiti was the poorest country on the Western Hemisphere. It’s very sad when we have all of these resources here in the US. People should not have to suffer and die this way. It’s a really sad day and a wake up call for Immigration Reform.

OBAMA STAND UP!!!!!!!!! United We Stand Divided We Fall!!!!! Immigrant Rights ARE Human Rights!!! We All Bleed Red!!!!


…Watch a video of today’s  Rally for Immigration Reform in 2010, featuring an excerpt from Jani’s speech!  Click here.

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