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Letter to John Morton, from 10-year-old Perry

February 5, 2010

Mr. John Morton
Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

January 18, 2010

Dear Mr. Morton,

I’m Perry.  I am daughter of Brady and Jill who you know from college.  I am writing for the benefit of Jean Montrevil. I got to know Jean through my mom’s friend, Rev. Eleanor.  Jean was born in Haiti. Twenty years ago Jean was convicted on a drug charge.  (He was 17 years old.)  He served his 11 years in prison for his consequence.  20 years later, which is now, Jean found out he was being deported.   He has a wife and 4 kids.  He lives in Brooklyn, NY and goes to Eleanor’s church and does a lot to help immigrants.  My mom’s friend Eleanor sat in front of a federal building for a day praying for Jean.

He was supposed to be deported on the Friday before the terrible earthquake.  But because of all the doing around Jean’s case he was held in a hold in Pennsylvania’s York County Prison.  He was held there even after the earthquake. Since our country will not deport anyone back to Haiti for 18 months, we hope that Jean can go back to his family soon.   After that our government can deport him anytime.  To make this story shorter, I and lots of other people just want somebody to please reopen Jean’s case.  There seem to have been some do process errors.

I know the law says that you can deport anyone who has had a felony conviction, but after 20 years people go on with their loves and they have wives and husbands and kids.  If Jean is deported his children will lose their dad.  I just think it is not that fair, especially to the children, and I think our country should do something about it.

I know you have a really big job and I thank for taking it so seriously.  I want you to see this letter not only as a letter about Jean but that 10 year olds like me really do care about public service and justice, like you.

I hope this will come out all right.  Thank you for taking the time to read this really, really long letter.



P.S. The head of the New York ICE office, Mr Christopher Shanahan, called Jean’s lawyers.  He said they had to get all new phones because of the calls that were coming in about Jean!

P.P.S  Dan Zane is awesome and money from this CD is going to support the New Sanctuary Movement, to keep immigrant families together.   I hope you enjoy it. (Daniel in the Den is really good.)

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