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May 6, 2010

May 6, 2010 – The National New Sanctuary Movement today renews its commitment to take a moral and united public stand in support of compassionate immigration reform. As guardians of society’s values, faith leaders have the capacity and moral duty to support families suffering under unjust immigration laws.  Millions of Americans who are members of our religious communities seek answers from us, not only about our nation’s laws, but also, more importantly, God’s laws.

It is for this reason that members of the New Sanctuary Movement, representing clergy and lay leaders from many faiths and denominations from across the country, condemn Arizona’s SB 1070.  We call for its immediate repeal, and we will resist these efforts that attempt to divide our communities.  Resistance to this law is in solidarity with all God’s children, and the New Sanctuary Movement will be in public witness to reveal the suffering of families under SB 1070.

We echo the sentiments of Juan Carlos Ruiz, Catholic leader and co-founder of the New Sanctuary Movement, who has promised resistance: “Anything that belittles or debases the human person is an offense and an insult against our God and must be resisted with all the resources of our faith traditions that call us to build a world of compassion, justice and peace.”

Called by the demands of our faith, we insist that our elected leaders pass an immigration reform bill that is humane and just, a bill that ensures family unity and mitigates harsh enforcement provisions, which has worker protections and a rational path to documented status. We are unanimous in our belief that all people, documented and undocumented, must be treated humanely and justly.

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