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Video footage from the Jericho Walk

June 29, 2011
On Friday June 17th, June 24th, and July 1st our faith leaders and community members marched around 26 Federal Plaza in a Jericho Walk. We walked in silence but our actions spoke to the injustices that our communities face.
 This building houses the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) offices and immigration courts. It is a site of extreme trauma for immigrant communities. Those in removal proceedings have had to face the immigration judges in court knowing that they’ll be given an order of removal and be deported. All our brothers and sisters who come into this building face the fear that they can be picked up and taken away from their families at any time.During the march, we walk in prayerful silence and pause at the front of the building where we raise our hands in prayer to be given the Right to Remain and that we can all live in dignity.Thus far the majority of our participants have been clergy members but we hope to expand our constituency. Come out and join us in demand for the right to remain.Below, you can find footage from the Jericho Walks on 6/17 and 6/24.

Check out the footage below:

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