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Why do I (Jericho) walk?

October 3, 2012


Last week on Thursday September 27th I started the Jericho Walk around 26 Federal Plaza alone. I felt empowered, strong and invigorated. What do I mean?

Everyone said they will try to make it but it was going to be difficult. I waited in case they were just late. While waiting I was thinking what happens if no one shows up? Do I walk alone? Would people look at me and think that I am crazy (there is safety in numbers)? Should I walk next week when there would be others? All these questions were going through my mind.

I then decided that if no one showed up I was going to walk alone. I put on my robe and got ready. I prayed kneeling in front of the entrance and started to walk. Every step I took I felt empowered, invigorated and wonderful. It is hard to describe but when I was talking to Father Fabian about my experience he gave me a good description. He said that you are speck in this world but when you are acting on your faith it isn’t about you anymore. It was about the Universe(God) acting through you. It becomes bigger than you. I felt that. I think the people on street felt that also. They did not stare at me strangely or this guy has to be crazy but with respect/awe? I don’t know but they were nodding their heads in approval. They saw the commitment of our vigil. I am committed like everyone else and would like to walk alone again but I cannot deprive you of joining me.

Come walk with me on Thursday October 4th in front of 26 Federal Plaza as we go around the building in prayerful silence praying that we will have an immigration reform that will respect the dignity of all.

Experience what I felt.


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