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2013 Prayer for our Resolutions

December 31, 2012

The end of the year is here and we have our rituals, proposals, resolutions, promises, projects, etc. in order to receive things for this New Year. We expect to have abundance, health, wealth, peace, and love among many other things for the coming year.

But friend do not forget that life is a gift, a gift from God. With its joys and sorrows, and with its struggles and blessings. Let’s prepare to bid farewell to 2012 a year that God has given us in His infinite love and to be very, very happy and thankful for 2013.

New Sanctuary Coalition of New York City resolutions for 2013 are:
Love conquers all.
Love has no borders.
We are all of one family.
Family is important.
Children are precious.
We can take care of each other.
I am your friend.
Helping another is our tradition.
Fear is the darkness within us – let’s fill each other with the light of love.
Talking is not an abstract concept – we can do it.
Remember our history and past.
Know the seeds we plant today are going to be reaped by our children and children’s children.
We are all equal.
Justice for all.
Right to Remain for all.
Dignity for all.
Freedom not for one but all.
No human being is “illegal” – drop the “i” word and value human dignity.
All who come to our shores recieve fair and humane treatment- reform the detention and deportation system.
Uphold civil rights- end racial profiling and intentional discrimination.
The freedom to seek employment to feed our families – global migration
Fight for justice for all in 2013.

We are taking our above resolutions to pray for that each will manifest and urge you to do the same. (Send us your resolution?) Our prayer is below.

Prayer to give thanks for the end of the year

Lord God, Lord of all eternity,
You are the same today and tomorrow, the past and the future.
At the end of this year 2012, we wish to thank
for all that we have received from you.
Thank you for life and love,
which would not have been possible without you
Here as we did in the previous months
we will meet people along this year that we will love
and those that we do not love as much
and we are charged with the task to learn to love and forgive all.
Fill us with kindness and joy in our lives
so that we can live together and you will be with us
whenever we meet anyone in our lives.
In your light, love and peace that only You can give.

Thank you Lord for this past year, thanks!
And prepare us to receive the New Year 2013 that comes with a lot of joy and love.
Lord, we love you and in you we trust.

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